List of supported DVS media?

Folks, is there a list of supported DVS media?

I have a few here, Serato first gen worked right away, both CD and vinyl.
Traktor Mk1 CD and vinyl apparently has a much higher control tone because everything plays at like +18% pitch!

Has anybody tested Traktor Mk2 records?
Torq anyone :smiley: ?

I see Algoriddim had at some point its own record, is there any special functionality from it?
Link: Stokyo Algoriddim djay PRO AI 12" Control Vinyl at Gear4music


Hi @palestina,

Please see the link below for more DVS related info.

  1. The djay Control Vinyl has a unique control data stream imprinted into the grooves of each of the three distinct sections of the vinyl (Main, Instrumental, Acapella). This drives the patented Neural Mix™ technology to separate any song into its original components in real-time.
  2. In addition to the official djay Control Vinyl, djay also supports standard timecode DVS systems that use a control tone of 1kHz.
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