List of unsupported mixers that actually works with Djay

Could you provide the community with a list of mixers that would work if we make the mapping manually.
I already bought 1 mixer that does not work for me with Djay (Mixars Quattro - works perfect with VirtualDJ), and I would like to avoid doing the same mistake again.
There are not many mixers in the list of supported hardware, but now when you added the DVS functionality, more users would probably be looking at solutions without a controller.
There are a few mappings on, and I guess if you encourage the community to share their mappings - this would probably happen.

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I could be wrong, but I believe as long as the mixer is USB class compliant, it should work with djay and you should be able to make your own MIDI mapping.

Thats what I have been told, even so there are mixers that does not work with sound routing to headphones. Like my Mixars Quattro.

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Hi there. If I remember correctly, there is an application on the App Store that you can download to your iOS device then plug your controller in to the device. if the application recognizes it, you should be good to go…

I have unfortunately forgotten the name of the application as soon as I find it I will post it here

The Quattro is definitely class compliant. So maybe Algoriddim just need to make a few adjustments to support it. I own one myself, but haven’t yet tested it with Djay.