Live Gig vs. preparing

This is not a specific suggestion, but more of a general concept and idea.

How do you use dJay? I mainly use it in two contexts:

(1) Live on stage during a gig. Here every millisecond counts. Accidentically pressing a play/stop button on the currently playing track can be ā€¦ well ā€¦ at least emberrassing. In this situation I need a perfectly streamlined UI. In my case I am using dJay with a hardware controller. <= This context works quite fine so far.

(2) Sitting in the studio at home and preparing for a gig. This is completely different. Here I want to quickly browse through my library and listen to new tracks <= This works not so well in dJay. Many things Iā€™d need are maybe possible but cumbersome.

  • Cannot add tags to a track
  • Cannot edit comments of tracks
  • Cannot easily move a track from one playlist to another (in connected streaming service)
  • Make it possible to remove a track from a playlist (in connected streaming service)
  • The UI for the search result is terrible. Popup over popup over popup. You completely get lost. Please make the search result be shown in full screen.
  • When a track is currently plaing make it possible to easily see in which playlist(s) the track is already included.
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Thank you @doogie.

We see your point (2). We are aware of the demand for further library options and preparation features (especially tags and comments).
Regarding the Streaming service playlist management. In this case we suggest using djay My Libraries in which your streaming service tracks are stored. That way you can easily delete and edit them within djay as we are unable to edit streaming service playlists globally.

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