Load FX Favorites List by Default

Algoriddim, can you please change it so djay loads the Favorite FX List by default instead of the entire Audio FX List? Or at least provide an option in the Settings. Currently, every time I open djay it defaults back to the full Audio FX list.

This is a real pain with the Manual FX as I have to go into the menus and select an FX from the Favorites list for all 6 FX units (FX1, F2, and FX3 for both decks). The whole point of an FX Favorites list is to be able to quickly access and cycle through only the FX you want. With the current implementation it’s certainly not very convenient to use on the fly.

To clarify, djay does remember what FX I had loaded into all 6 Manual FX units when I closed it last, but it doesn’t remember to stay in the FX Favorites List. So, the problem arises when using my DJ controller to cycle through to the Next or Previous FX. Instead of cycling through just my 10 Favorites it cycles through the entire list of 79 FX. Thanks!


Probably add to that request that if we decided to set the FX to Neural, it keeps the setting after the app has closed.
I always use the Echo Out set to Vocal Neural.


Hey @Slak_Jaw and @maurizio_T ,

Thanks for reaching out about this feature request and for your ongoing support!

Happy to inform you that your feedback has been passed along to our Dev Team and also that an internal request for the ability to retain a selected FX panel section across launches has been opened.

I will keep you posted on the topic when any updates are available.


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