load in the wrong deck

hello i ave ave found a bug yes i do.
first thing first i use dj pro for andoid on a huawei tablet and thereloop mixon4 controler
the problem is that when i load a song (from my spotify lib) using the browse knob on the controler instead of loading in the deck that is stoped the song that is played stops an the new song is loaded in the active deck this appen after a playd 3 or 4 song no problem also when i select the next songdirectly on the tablet all go ok no wrong deck deere is dhere any solution to this verry annoying problem.

Hi there,

thank you for your pointing that out.

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ok no one seem to replie so i help my-self and start experimenting things and yes i find a work around.
step one :hit a load button on the mixon4 this bring up your library page(the one of the deck that is stopped of corse)
sept two :select you’r next song by turning the “browse” rotary encoder
step tree:pusch the same load button again
and ourah the miracle appens the song now load in the corect deck

ok it work’s but it schould work by using only the browse button
strang for a device that is fully integrated whit dj pro do somone evrer test it in real life LOL.(little sarcastic i am but the forse is whit me)

hope this is of some use to anyone aving the same issue.