Load my own sound onto the Instant FX


Can I load my own sound onto the Instant FX? If Yes, tell me how, if No, are U kiddin’ me?

Hi Filip,

Do you mean the sampler?

Mac: Simply copy the samples to -/Music/djay/Samples. You will then be able to load them through the sampler menu.

iPad: Import your samples to djay for iPad via iTunes File Sharing. Then click on “EDIT” to load your own sample.

Please open the sampler, hit “Edit” and then tap one of the music note buttons on the pads. Can you see your samples under “My Samples”?

Wouldn’t you pretty please make it possible to “Audiopaste” samples/loops from other apps?

I’ve been trying to load my samples through iTunes file sharing on Yosemite and iOS 8.1 and although the samples show up under DJay app files in iTunes, they are no where to be found on iPad…

Simple as you say for MacBook Pro. I was trying all manner of ways all day! Thanks!