Load time for music library takes too long

I keep a large and vast library of music on an external drive and have been experiencing longer than normal load times when opening the Djay program on my Macbook. Is there a work around or something I can do to speed up this process? My load time can sometimes take 30 minutes!

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for contacting us. Does this also happen when you start iTunes?

Can you please send your “iTunes Music Library.xml” file to support(at)algoriddim.com? The file can be found in your iTunes folder.

Please send me your xml file so we can investigate this issue with our test Macs.

My library is stored on an external drive and no, I have no issues with my iTunes loading time (it usually comes up right away) - I have Serato DJ also which has no issues, it only happens with the Djay program.

Are there any other tips or tricks you can recommend? I am still having load time issues. Thanks.