Loading a mapping for Traktor S4MK2


I have a Traktor S4MK2. I am using a demo version of Djay to see if I can get the controller working properly with the software for Mac before I purchase it. I have the controller connected to my laptop through the USB connector on the device to power it. It is also connected via Midi to USB to the laptop. Djay recognizes the controller, and when I go to MIDI → configure S4 MK2, I can assign functions to buttons once I press them. I would like to download an existing mapping and load it for the controller. As mentioned in another thread for the S4MK2, another user has created a mapping available here: https://gist.github.com/GuiSim/c8f11f…

When I download the file and click on it, Djay opens it and recognizes that it is a mapping. When I try to reconfigure the controller, the custom mapping is not available. I don’t see the loaded mapping anywhere on the configure page, and the current mapping of the controller doesn’t match the one I’ve downloaded. When I go back to the folder where the mapping was located on my computer, the mapping file (0.djayMidiMapping) is not there anymore.

How can I get the mapping to be available in Djay once it opens the file? How do I get it to sync with the controller correctly?