Loading a track affects cue audio in playing track

MacBook Pro Mid 2014 2.8GHz/i7/1Tb/16Mb
macOS 11.7.2
djay Pro 5.1.7
NI Traktor Kontrol S2Mk3

I’m brand new to djay Pro and have been trying it out at home, having been a die-hard Traktor fan for many years. I’m getting my head around most things but I’m stumped by one thing at the moment: when have a track playing on deck A and I have the cue mix set so I can hear the live track in my headphones, when I load a track into Deck B, the cue mix playing from Deck A immediately loses some mids and lows, sound all rather empty. If I switch the EQ to NeuralMix or vice versa, it returns to normal without touching anything else. The same happens when I load a track into Deck A whilst listening to Deck B live.

Am I missing some setting somewhere because I’m sure this is not supposed to happen?

Hi @DoctorBlock, do you have Crossfader FX enabled by chance? You can tell if it’s on when the line on the onscreen crossfader is Blue instead of White.

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Hey @Slak_Jaw , Yes! That was it. I’ve not even ventured into Crossfader FX yet but it was indeed enabled - which makes perfect sense as I use the upfaders all the time and generally leave the crossfader in the centre position. Thank you, very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Glad that was it. You’re welcome!