Loading Error when using Automix on iOS 7

For me DJAY 2 worked absolutely fine until upgrading my iPad to iOS 7. Never seen any error messages on previous iOS. Now I am permanently experiencing “OSStatus error 2003334207” - and I’ve never bought a single track at Beatport.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Cannot load rack error (OSStatus error - 12178) topic.

So I think it’s an iTunes issue in iOS 7… I had DJay 2 working perfectly with iOS 6…
After upgrading to iOS 7, I started having all sorts of track cueing issues with DJay 2 on my iPad

Unfortunately, I had to backup my iPad… Completely wipe it clean & reset it, and then restore my iPad & reload and analyze my entire Library…
Lost all the cue points, etc but everything seems to be working fine now…

iTunes itself was acting really buggy on my iPad… Really seems like an Apple OS issue to me though.

Yep, exactly the same here but with Iphone4.

Me pasa igual, acabo de comprarla y falla lo que más creía que iba a usar ya que iTunes no da esa opción
Solución ya!

The updated version of Djay2 for IOS7 doesn’t let add groups of songs to the automix as the previous version did, you have to add one by one…!! this is very annoying… please fix ASAP…!