Loading the decks from queue on djay pro

When a song is highlighted in the queue section and I want to load it on deck A or B by pressing the knob on the controller (wego3), it loads instead the last song that was highlighted in the library, and I have to drag the song from the queue list onto the deck.
Is it not possible to load the decks from queue by using the knob?
It is a little annoying, but it could be a small oversight on my end, and other than that love djay pro so far.

We’ll look into this.

There’s no keyboard method either. From queue or search your only option is via mouse. That’s a big problem for me.

Same problem with the Vestax spin 2 controller, which worked no problems with djay.
It’s not mapped correctly; until resolved I can’t use the app on gigs so kinda wasted £35!
Please release an update to deal with these mapping problems asap.