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So i use to be able to double click a song an it would always load to left deck when starting djay or if left and right were blank. Now it just loads to the right when decks are empty.

Any clue?

@MrG are you using MacOS, iOS, Windows or Android? Did you recently update your OS or djay Pro AI?

Im on a Mac.

Djay is on its latest version and mac os has been the same version as of when it was loading fine in djay which is monterey 12.6.9

When i double click on mac the track will load to the deck that is not active. It is very usefull.

Yeah i get the same results too. But when there is no tracks loaded in either side, when i double click it automatically loads in deck 2. It use to load in deck 1

It might depend on the crossfader position as well.

I tried it on the mac itself without controller connected and still loads in deck 2 with onscreen crossfader set to left middle and right side.

Hi @SamJam,

Thanks for sharing your question/feedback regarding track loading.

I’ve gone ahead and passed this over to our engineering team to ensure that this is, in fact, expected behavior while also including your feedback on this matter.

Thanks so much!

Hi @MrG,

I wanted to share an update from our engineering team regarding your inquiry.

This is expected behavior from djay when loading a track via double-click; the logic is as follows:

  1. On launch, when the crossfader is exactly in the center, the track is loaded on deck 1 or 2, depending on which is empty, or otherwise which is paused, or otherwise deck 1.
  2. Afterwards, the track is loaded on the opposite side of the last edge the crossfader has touched (e.g., deck 2 if the crossfader was last at the very left, or deck 1 if it was last on the very right).

Please let us know if you have any additional feedback!

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