Locally Stored Apple Music files gone.....

MP3 file for example is added to your device locally using iTunes. In my iPad’s case, I only have locally stored music files which, up until the last update(27 Nov 20 - 3.5.12), where accessible by DJay pro AI.

What I have done to try and remedy;

  1. delete all music files stored locally then reinstalled them

  2. uninstalled and reinstalled DJay Pro to latest version

  3. revoked and approved access to Music

  4. uninstalled and reinstalled the Music application

What happens;

DJay Pro (upon fresh install) asks for access to Music - I accept

When I select Music icon it shows 4 options; Playlist, Songs, Library, Queue

If I select any of the options … songs for example, it just shows the spinning wheel endlessly - no error message etc


It renders most of the cool things DJay Pro is supposed to offer in accessing and processing history, files, playlists etc useless unless I use SoundCloud, Tidal etc.

As I say, the DJay app working just fine until the last update and I haven’t altered anything specifically that I know of.

Do those songs show up in the music App?

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