Lock saved loops

Wondered if it might be possible to add a feature where the ‘saved loops’ can optionally be treated as a looper loop - i.e if I have Loop 1 running then press loop 3, Loop 3 will only start to play once Loop 1 has reached the end of it’s current iteration (as opposed to starting instantly).

This would be handy from a performance perspective as it would save having to perfectly time starting a loop.

It’d also be cool to have the same option for cue points, so that one I’d finished playing whatever loops I was playing, you could then seemlessly jump to another non-looped section of a track.

Hey @Algy_Taylor ,

Thanks for posting this here in the Community and providing some useful details.

Nice input, I’ll make sure to hand it over to our Dev Team for further consideration!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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