Logic Remote but Using djay Pro AI on iPad as Secondary Controller for Mac djay

I just got turned on to Logic Remote app on iPhones and iPads. It’s a game-changing, contextually-aware, secondary touch interface for GarageBand and Logic Pro. It’s revolutionary actually and offers so much for a dozens of different music production uses and workflows (see video tutorial: https://youtu.be/ZJueGWaYFCE).

This immediately got me thinking: why doesn’t djay have this capability? I can think of more than a few excellent uses for this as a companion touch interface for djay when using MacOS. Examples are:


  • Dedicate iOS device to loops and samples and have enough room on iPad screen for all loop/sample toggles plus faders for levels.

  • All effects buttons, knobs, sliders plus all Neural controls on one touch screen.

  • Full screen track selection and sorting interface with easy track preview activation so finding the right track doesn’t pull you out of mixing controls on laptop screen during a live set.

An so many more if it was modular and configurable so a DJ can mix and match controls similar to how djay on MacOS squeezes controls in now when you de/activate areas.

Logic Remote on GarageBand is contextual so that areas selected on laptop app causes relevant interfaces to appear on the iPad such as entering a keyboard synth track on the laptop brings up a playable virtual keyboard and synthesis controls knobs on the iPad or a drum sequencer brings up a grid of buttons for percussion sounds.

djay could have a mode like this to so that maybe different interfaces are offered to match selections elsewhere (though I could see this causing controls to change when you wouldn’t want them to as well).

I don’t use Windows or Android, but maybe this tech could work in that system too. Obviously, this is a huge programming and testing project for Algoriddim devs and a major change to the software suite. But I would jump on this is a heartbeat if available. I can hardly imagine a more useful tool set and it’s so available to so may with iOS device adoption.

Another useful aspect of this is it’s great for people to immediately expand their DJ controller rig but also helps beginners without dedicated DJ hardware have a versatile setup right away with only a laptop and iPad.

This would be epic, so I’ll upvote this! :wink:

Yes yes yes like djay Apple Watch app … but for iOS devices

I fear this may be a truly stupid question but I haven’t been able to find a straight answer via Google or searching this forum.

I’ve been playing with Djay on iOS and really love everything except the mixer and transport. It just doesn’t feel right to me after so many years of using Traktor. I don’t like having to switch back and forth so much between modes. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to use Djay on the MacBook for transport and mixing and control all the effects on the iPad? Basically using the iPad as a controller for the app on the MacBook.

Hi @somnopolis, This isn’t a stupid question at all, thanks for bringing it up! I’ve moved your post over to this already existing thread around the same topic.

To answer your question directly, djay on iPad can’t currently be used in this way as a controller for the app on the MacBook. But we appreciate your suggestion and feedback around this topic, and we’re tracking user interest about this internally.

Thanks again for posting! Just let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you so much for the speedy reply! Glad to know I wasn’t missing anything. For what it’s worth, I’ve been a Traktor DJ for 10+ years and Djay is the first thing that’s made me want to switch, but the nested features in the touch interface make them difficult to access quickly, or at least without some serious muscle memory. If I could externalize some functions to the iPad and run Djay on the Macbook (or maybe split between two iPads even) it would be such a game changer. A whole multitouch screen just for multitouch effects and other manipulations, I don’t think anybody is doing that.