Logic used for Tidal & Apple Music song Matching

I am curious as to what logic is used for Matching an active song against Tidal and Apple Music. The algorithm used seems to be completely different and frankly Tidal is much better for me.

Example: Active song is “The Sign” by Ace of Base

Tidal Matches: The Rhythm of the Night, Be My Lover, What is Love, Another Night, Sweet Dreams

Apple Music Matches: Ennemi by Eva, Woman by Marwa Loud, Like a Prayer, Lingo by Eva, Ghir Ntiya by Marwa Loud, Merite by Franglish

What the heck are some of these songs matching in Apple Music? Can someone please help explain why they are so different and why Apple is pulling up obscure songs as far as I am concerned?


I am wondered the same thing for apple music. :thinking: makes no sense.

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Can someone from Algoriddm address this?