Login problem on tidal

Hello, i use djay pro m1 on macbook pro and since yesterday it is impossible to login at any platform (tidal,soundcloud) after i press login to the programs interface a blank window opens and stays like that .
Help please, i use djay pro as a djay and my work depends on it.
Thank you in advance Dimitris

Did you try a reboot? Works fine on a Mac (Intel) with 4.0.9 over here. I just logged out and logged in again.

The blank window seems to indicate Djay can’t find the streaming provider. Can you connect to e.g. Tidal from Safari?


The problem was down to the internet connection , thank you so much for your quick response. :+1:

Hey @Dimitris_Sante ,

Just passing by to say welcome back to the djay Community!

Props to @Mister_Tuur for the thoughtful reply, too!

Glad to see you posting and supporting each other :slight_smile: