Long delay when using Jog Wheels on DDJ-1000

Hi all - using the latest version of Djay Pro AI on Mac OS 12.4 Monteray and my DDJ-1000 controller (firmware and audio driver up to date). There is a huge delay when using the jog wheels in vinyl mode rendering it virtually unusable. Is this a known bug? Don’t really want to return to Rekordbox 6 but at least everything works.

Any suggestions?


I have the same problem, and would be happy to find a solution ^^

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Hey @Kpod21 and @ALHY ,

Thanks for reaching out about this in our Community. I’m genuinely sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced with you DDJ-1000 and djay.

So that our Dev Team can take a closer look into what might be causing this, we’ll need to collect some more in-depth information about your individual set-ups. For this reason, could you please contact our Support Team directly via email?

This will allow us to gather additional information and provide 1:1 support for you.

Thanks in advance, and we hope to hear from you soon so we can get you back to DJing!

Will do Cam, thanks!