Long flight ahead

Hi there,

Ive got a long flight next week, where I was going to practise using the DJ App on my Ipad2.

I have the Griffin splitter cable, but given I’m on a plane and unable to plug into a PA system, is my only option to plugs 2 sets of headphones into the cable and have an earphone from each in either ear, so I can use the cueing function?

I would obviously prefer just to be using one set, but not sure if that is even possible or not?

I fly on Thursday and IOS6 comes out on Wednesday? Will that help?


Hi Theron,

Since you can only listen to one pair of earphones simultaneously, you might as well just plug in one set of headphones directly to your iPad and enable Split Output anyway. You will then hear the pre-cue channel on the left and the main mix on the right side.