Longer duration please

For the first time my wish for an app to have a mix that automatically beatmatches competently is a reality so thank you for that! However, I really like test mashing things together so I typically may mix in the next song starting at the 2nd half, final 3rd or 4th of what’s playing and I would love it if Automix has this feature for Duration.
For a static length, can you change the Duration Max to 64 bars?
Please consider variables like percentage of the song length so that the number of bars are Dynamic,
and maybe the user could choose between last half, last 3rd or 4th for Automix to start blending.

Is the Max number of bars that Automix uses in Automatic Mode 16 Bars?

At the least, please add 64 bars as the Max, then if you really want to tout the AI part of the prog (and even add ‘MASH’ as part of marketing and Automix) have a choice between the percentage of the song where the next track mixes into because 16 bars too short imo. Thanks again!

Hi @shazbot,

Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the community.

At the moment we support an Automix Duration length of 16 bars. If other users also think this is too short please upvote the topic in order to push the topic.

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