Looking for new controller that doesn't require external power

Just got an iPad Air 2 from Verizon and DJay pro from the AppStore, looking to DJ bbqs, etc where there is no power. I already have an ion idj2go but would like something with a little more control but that still doesn’t require ac power. Don’t need a sound card as I’m using a griffin splitter and mackie free play speaker. Want to spend around 100, no more than 150. I was looking at the numark party mix but I’m betting those lights need some power, maybe the Hercules instinct s? Ideas? Thanks in advance for your help

Ps: this is not for pro use, I have another whole rig for that including a generator if needed. This is more for personal stuff, something I can fit in a back pack.

Any American Audio VMS does not require external power. They can run off of USB supplied by the computer.

If you can return the Mixtrack and can stretch to a WeGO3, it works perfectly w a powerbank…that’s how I use it, and as it has a dedicated master cue it’s a perfect (for me at least) portable and untethered solution for practicing on or just having a spin anywhere you like.

You should be able to map the MT yourself. If you download the trial version of the Mac version of Djay Pro - if you have access to a Mac - you can map it there, save the map then upload it to your iPad via file transfer in iTunes. There’s bound to be a few guides on you tube. I remapped a DJ2Go that way and it was pretty straight forward.

Hi there, 

please make sure that the controllers you are checking out are supported by the iOS version of djay. 
You can do so right here: https://www.algoriddim.com/hardware

If you want to use the controller without an external power source I would suggest these three controllers:

The battery powered Casio XW-DJ1 
The Numark iDJ Live II 
The Numark iDJ Live I

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Tim where does it say that the mixtrack pro 3 is compatible with iOS? Sounds like you didn’t research properly dude. Should be able to return it and get something else. Mixtour, Casio, numark idj

Ok thanks for the tips, I’ll get the Casio if I can find one under 150, but the other two really would only add bulk and not enough features over the ion. Now, if I was to get something though like the numark mixtrack 3, would there be a way to split the usb and power it via a power bank? I’ve got a pretty decent power bank for my phone and it’d be nice to utilize that if possible.

It’s really a shame I can’t use my NV, but that would need direct ac power anyway. Leave that one for my work rig I guess.

Also, I see the Hercules air and instinct are supported, what about the new s series of those controllers

Well I ordered a mixtrack 3 this morning, I figure worst case scenario I could still have fun with it at home or on vacations. But still I’d like to find a way to run it on my usb power bank if anyone knows how.

Gotta say I’m feel pretty misled, the mixtrack 3 is listed as compatible but it will not work. Connected it to my powered hub, the hub into the camera adapter, the midi tab shows 1 device found but then nothing, won’t control anything at all. What gives? Did I just waste 150$?

I really don’t want to spend that much, I just don’t get why the mt3 isn’t working, it’s class compliant and there’s no sound card to complicate, just needs mapping. The hardware list needs to be more clear if not all of that long list applies to the ios version. This is a pretty popular controller why not map it? Sorry to say, but right now I’m thanking god I have vdj for my work rig, those guys ace mappings

Thanks for that tip, if I can find a friend with a mac that sounds like a good workaround. Unfortunately both of my work computers and my personal computer are all pc but I’m sure I’ve got to have a friend with one somewhere