Looking to switch to DJAY PRO 2 IOS - Real Research has been done here check it ddj sr2 reloop mixtour beatpad 2 mc4000 mc7000

I really like the idea of ipad djing, I have tryed djpro on windows and its not fit for the outside world of djing.

I tryed djay pro via windows with the:


was an absolute knightmare so much so algoriddim support took it off the natively supported controller list thanks to my findings, just doesnt work under windows at all

Reloop Mixtour:

Sound quality only suitable for the bedroom and no nudge controls (WTF)

Reloop Beatpad 2:

A good controller with most basic controls average sound quality but layout annoying non standard, shallow jog wheels nice size but awkward pitch bending

Denon mc4000:

Solid little controller built like a tank awesome design with pro features and mic section. missing some hotcues and crap vu meters, very usuable nothing special though perfect sound quality

Denon MC7000:

Perhaps my best experience yet, Everything is present nothing missing, awesome sound quality. Non standard dj layout, to many knobs and lights for my liking and therefore confusing to use and look at, to bright and circus like after being on more standard layouts, dual sound cards so used traktor and djay pro together and mixed together via 2 laptops same time.


Can you see im trying to move to djay pro like a mad man? Windows is just a no go, feels abandoned by algoriddim, it crashes randomley and does things that are unexplainable and other days it works 100%, it can not be relied upon outside the bedroom.

I want to move to ios ipad, i do not want to buy a mac. There are more and more problems with macs and djing appearing across all DJ platforms due to apple updates. IOS is the way to go for sure in my opinion.

OK! i want to use ios13 with an ipad pro 12.9" 3rd gen usb-c but thats where my journey is getting stuck because there are no pro controllers on the platform?

for me to switch my business to a paid subscription to take out on the road i need pro gear to match the pro ipad but there is nothing, The business model is flawed, isnt it obvious?

Make me switch and offer me Professional Native Support For IOS 13:

Pioneer DDJ SZ
Pioneer DDJ SZ2
Pioneer DDJ 1000
Pioneer DDJ 1000 srt
Pioneer DDJ 800
Pioneer DDJ SR2

Traktor Kontrol S4 mk3
Mixars Primo

Trust me theres thousands of people like me looking for the goodies that only djay pro2 offers, your so close but no cigar!

@Lukas, what you saying???

I also +1 for the Mixon4 which also has a Serato licence included. So you could use Serato/Tidal on a laptop and NOW Djay/Tidal on the iPad ! and thanks to iPadOS you can also attach an USB drive to access your mp3s!

only problem i don’t like with the mixon is that it has no input RCA …

Have you considered the Reloop Mixon 4? Great controller for that money and works like a powerhouse with Ipad! I had the Beatpad and this was the next big step! Played club and Festivals gigs on it no problems (well except minor bugs here and there, which most of got resolved).

can you explain what exactly you mean by vu metering? I know what it stands for (sound engineer myself) but what about djays metering isn’t to your liking?

sorry to pop your bubble, but your ears are the best vu meter! those meterings can indicate the peak volume but for matching loudness (what a real vu meter does, like the old analoge ones) those few leds even if you have a few more aint gonna do much… so I still don’t see the point. But what ever works for you buddy!

ok you do as you please… And I’ll use my “shhitty” Mixon 4. But maybe if you are really into music you should read up about metering in general and PPM Meters and VU Meters. Anyway I hope you’ll find a controller and software that fits your needs. Peace

Very interesting update indeed. Is this the end of thier relationship and perhaps a new one is about to develop? Who knows one thing for sure though, and that’s Spotify has been removed from their website.

yes im sure the mixon 4 works seamlessly but i need professional vu metering and club standard layout and not those tiny little VU meters. no offence but im trying to go forwards not backwards absolutley no offence intended im sure its a great controller.

cant deal with the rekordbox’s way of dealing with pitch control lock up and master deck isolation, feels unatural to me when mixing although rekordbox as a music organising tool is awesome, and obvbiously the hardware is amazing.

is djay pro to lose its spotify intergration with the next update?

you cant trade rekordbox for a subscription, i have 2 copys of rekordbox if you want to buy one?

i just dont like the mixon 4 to look at and all the controls seem to be in the wrong place compared to what im used to, its a good bedroom controller. again no offence intended.

i want a ddj800 1000 sz2 sr2

I’m on Windows now can’t wait to get off it, it’s a right u reliable piece of crap. Should not be avalable to buy

i only want the sudscription method for ios but with a ddj800 or ddj1000

get yourself up to speed mate, i do have a spare rekordbox though if you want it


let me dig it out and we can make contact

emailed you :slight_smile:

The longer the vu meter the more accurate and balanced I can get the music before it goes out to the audience, compare djm900 to mixon 4

I knew you was butt hurt leading me into the question. With good metering I can visually balance the music. That’s what there for, I don’t want to do it in my headphones 5 hours a night but I would if I was using a shhitty mixon 4.

i feel your pain. 

DJ Pro has the best feel of all the players in the software business however hardware integration is a nightmare.

i had the SX and it worked flawlessly with both windows AND Mac however it’s a mid-tier controller with an average-at-best DAC. it pushed me towards more high end gear but what i’ve noticed is n’either windowns or MAC or any plaftorm has true native support for any of those you mentioned (i’ve only tried and researched Pioneer Branding).

it’s sad when you dish out the big bucks for a high end piece of gear that is supose to work perfectly but then you realise that the only gear that works properly are the “baby” toy controllers that have no actual brain’s in them.

it’s sad

good news is, Rekorbox 6 is on the way and the more i play with the trial version, the more it’s looking better than DJ PRO…