Loop backward on Out button - quick looping

Hi All (and …goriddim :slight_smile:

I would suggest this “loop backward” function:

Pressing the loop “OUT” button should set the loop out point and skip back (beat jump backward) to the loop in-position. Meanwhile activating auto loop with the set number of bars. The beat jump to loop in point should use the set number of bars for the auto loop.

  • Currently there isn’t any function assigned to the loop “OUT” button when the looper isn’t active.
  • Currently I’m using this function in a workaround: press “BEAT JUMP BACKWARD” button, immediately followed by “AUTO LOOP” button.

So from my perspective this should be really easy to implement: assigning existing functions to an unused button.

From a functional perspective this would enable users to on-the-fly activate loops in hindsight. Without having to first skip back in the song. So when playing we’ve just heard a good part of the song for looping, being directly able to activate this part as a loop on the out point. And even save the loop. This would be really a fast way!

Please reply if you would like this feature, and by voting this post up. Or leave a comment if you have any questions or how you would see this function implemented.

4 relevant (closed) posts about this feature request already exist:

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  • beat-jump-support/12409
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I voted for the previous requests for this feature and yes, I’d still like to see this MIDI command option available. I’ve tried using the Duplicate function to map Skip Back and Auto Loop to a single button, but it drops the loop before skipping back.

Yeah. Backloop would be convenient. They could even consider implementing it as a system wide setting. I wouldn’t mind setting on the fly loops this way every time…

Also, support, please consider keeping suggestions open for more than a year.

Right now it’s impossible to add votes to older wishes which (unless you keep track of them manually) might not paint a complete picture of the number of people wanting this as they might be scattered over multiple posts pointing to the same idea over the years.

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Thanks. What do you mean by “system wide”?

A switch / checkbox in the system settings to change the default behavior. :slight_smile:

No need for additional settings, all stays as default. Only the ‘unused’ OUT button will finally get a function:

When I press the OUT button then I will set the out point of my loop, that will be instantaneously created, and activated :slight_smile:

This is really a no-brainer IMHO. Cheers!

Where is your OUT button?

I never use that view. :slight_smile:

That’s why I was thinking about a setting that toggles between classic and backlooping. It would be 100% compatible with all hardware too as it simply changes the looping behavior system wide.

I thought about this ages ago (and had forgotten it again) as it is the most intuitive way of looping IMO. In the heat of the moment it is easy to miss the starting point of a loop, but you will always hear it so enabling it afterwards makes a lot of sense.

Especially for spontaneous tracks that you didn’t prepare in advance it would be a life saver…

PS: shouldn’t be hard to implement either.

Totally agree, I would definitely keep “auto loop backward” activated in my system settings :wink: For me it is all about creating mixes on the fly / in the flow. And I use skip/beatjump back a lot (it’s a way of manual backlooping :slight_smile:

A lot of controllers have loop in/out buttons/system so ‘out button backloop’ function should complete the manual loop system.

Loop backward / backlooping would be a sooo awsome feature. Hoping for it in the next update.

Also found another old thread with this feature request:

Thanks for the suggestion @Joris! I have shared this with the dev team for consideration.

Thank you @Slak_Jaw. Looking forward to further improvement of djay!

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