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  • Version of djay ( 5.2):
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One minor thing I have noticed since the latest update and not sure if there is a setting for this,
So If I have a track loaded on a deck, and I press Cue say 8 which lets say for example is an outro beat. If I then press Loop the loop will stay on.

If whilst the loop is playing or even if the track is stopped. If I then press Cue 1, The loop switches itself off.

The way it worked before the update was the loop would stay on until I pressed the loop button off, which was handy because I would have a note on the Cue point saying Loop 8x for example on Cue 8 and before I start the track, I would press Cue 8, then press Loop and then start my track and the track would automatically go into Loop when that point of the track came up.

Is there a setting that I am missing?

I know this is also how saved loops works but it worked without having to prepare a saved a loop

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Ok I have worked out what it is and with help from another thread, Slak Jaw pointed the setting.
Basically the Deactivate Loop When Jumping Outside Loop was turned on, I don’t remember turning this on so it may have been on by default.

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You beat me to it @maurizio_T! Glad you found it.

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Well I had a quick look through the threads and your explanation was the closest thing to my problem,
Was this something that was introduced by default on Version 5.2?

I’m not sure exactly when it was introduced, but it is a new setting.

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No problem thanks, I’m pretty sure it’s since 5.2 as It has worked like that before when I use my Rane One but I just picked up the Prime Go 2 weeks back and only noticed it the other day,
At first I thought it was a map setting on the Prime Go but when testing on the Rane One as well as the Buddy, I found they all were reacting the same…

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