Loop in out half double keyboard commands

In my example I am using deck on but the logic is the same for Deck 2 just different keys. Loop in is “S” loop out is “D”. “option S” = half and “option” D = double. So far so good.

In order to use half and double you of course already need to have a loop established. However once a loop is established the S and D keys (without option) both behave like the “option S” key. Both ratcheting down my sample size. Is this by design? if so why. seems if a loop is established is “S’” will ratchet me down. “D” should increase the loop size. Once a loop is established we have 3 things that will shrink the loop “S”, “D” and “option S” and one thing “Option D” that will make the loop bigger. This seems oddly inconsistent to me. my thought is “D” in an established loop could make it bigger. Perhaps rendering option S and D not needed.