Loop is Short

Getting a problem with Loop coming short and not corresponding to the beat.

Happens on many songs. Mainly older songs.

Occurs on all Loop lengths

Using DJay Pro 1.0.2 on IPad Air 2 IOS 9.3.1

and DJAy2 2.8.2 on IPad Air 2 IOS 9.3.1

and DJAy2 2.8.2 on IPhone 6S IOS 9.3.1

and the same on DJay Pro 1.3.1 for mac running El Capitan 10.11.4

Seriously, Algoriddim?! You go to all the trouble of creating a BRAND NEW DJAY PRO 2 and DIDN’T fix this problem? C’MON!!!

Yes and it still sets the loop to a different length than I select.

I’ve seen that a lot as well. Since I moved to DAY Pro. I feel the beat detection and sync were much better on DJay 2 several revisions back. I play lots of '70s and’80s music and the robust sync was the main feature of DJAY 2. With current Versions of DJAY 2 and DJAY Pro for iPad, it only gotten worse, including the looping.

Regarding beat detection! I have two files that were detected correctly on djay2 and incorrectly in djay pro! Is there anyway to delete the imprinted beat count on the two files. By the way, the files are each only once in my iTunes. So both apps are accessing the same file and are detecting the wrong beat. At least djay pro is!

This is a really annoying bug, especially as you can’t predict when it is going to happen.

New example: Superstition (original Stevie Wonder version on Spotify) at 1:13 looping 8 beats. Actually extends the loop by a bit, not inline with the beat grid or the audio.

Such a great app - I really hope this gets fixed

Wow super old thread, but I always thought that the way the audio files are measured for looping include the entire track (even the parts that have a tempo shift, slow intros/outros, etc.). If the software is measuring the entirety of a track with all those parts with different tempos and quantizing it all as one tempo starting from the beginning of the track (for looping purposes), then yes there is potential for tracks (particularly awesome ones from the 70s and 80s) to have quantized divisions that are not exactly lined up with the tempo of any given part of a song. I think that it approximates as best it can to the strongest tempos, but things like intros tend to get glossed over.
In this pic, Celebration has a slight bit of silence before the initial drum flourish intro. My cue point marks where the first strong beat comes in. Easy to cue, but for some reason the looping measurement is off at the end.
A work around might be to re-record your purchased files to omit silences? Not sure as I haven’t tried myself, but it seems that this important part of the software has been neglected.

Keeping us on our toes, I suppose!

I’ve been having this problem since I updated to djay 2 2.8.1. Before it used to loop without a problem and now I prefer not to use it because of it’s inaccuracy. I was hoping that this would get fixed on the next update but it seems that the problem still persists. Now I don’t know if I should update or not.

I’m going to send in some video where the problem can be clearly heard on a new track with the most recent update.

Kool and the Gang (all from spotify)

  • Ladies Night
  • Celebration
  • Jungle Boogie

It mainly at the first part of the song.

Either algoriddm have something against Kool And the Gang … Or maybe a problem with a real drummer?

Hope these examples help.

Hi guys,

we want to apologise for the too short looping, this is something really annoying.
It appears that with older songs the algorithm is cutting the loop region short.

We will investigate the behaviour of the algorithm and it would be great if you all could send us songs which are being looped wrongly.

Thank you for the understanding.

Lukas E.

Gathering songs in this thread would be nice.
If you have videos or other footage you would like to share please use the mail address.

Thank you,

Lukas E.


thank you for the examples, this makes it way easier to understand the cause of the problem.

Lukas E.


We are aware of the beat editing issue and have the topic on our agenda.

Meanwhile, we recommend unquantized manual looping for tracks which are cut short by automatic looping.

Yes I also had an issue with looping yesterday it kept coming up short and I had to keep pressing sync. Plus I also think at the moment Djay 2 is better than Djay pro for iPad at beat detection and sync.

Does need addressing this.

Not being able to use loop sucks. This isn’t good. They have to address this and soon.

Would that be to the support email?

Iv emailed one to support as well Lukas.