Loop snaps to waveform and not to beatgrid

This happens when I pause the song and exactly put my cursor(?) on a beatline in a part in a song with no kick at the moment but when there is a bass pattern playing. (Duke Dumont - Won’t Look Back) is a great example just before the kick comes in.
However instead of snapping to the beatgrid it snaps to the bass, which happens to play something like |*–*|–*-|–*-|-*-*| Or something like that in one measure (if that makes sense).

Also inside breaks where there are vocals it would sometimes snap off the beatgrid.

It would be great if it would just snap to the beatgrid if I carefully place it on there while paused.

https://vid.me/rHvU — track used is Won’t Look Back by Duke Dumont

In addition in this video you can see a simple hihat loop doesn’t loop correctly at the start, this happens to every loop I have tested so far: https://vid.me/D0d9

Also the play button doesn’t work, I will make a new issue for this. *sigh* just let me into the repo already so I can commit my own fixes.

In addition all tracks are converted using iTunes to 192kbps AAC. Don’t know if this is useful.

Loop points normally should snap to the grid. Can you also make a video of this? Thanks for your cooperation.