Loop Tightening

Currently we’re able to set loops within the software, these are limited to 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32. Please could you look to implement the ability to tighten the in & out points of active loops, perhaps by using Shift+In/Shift+out followed by rotation of jog wheels to manipulate the in & out points of the loops?


Although it may be a silly question, and I probably should know this after all these years, but is this even something that works outside of the Pioneer universe?
But of course I would also appreciate if this could be done with DJay Pro :wink:

Would love the same. The current implementation of the “In” and “Out” button is that they just tighten the loop by 1/2.

Hey @Leigh_Brown @Chris_R @djjoejoe ,

Thanks for your input on this. Definitely an interesting topic!

To confirm, what would a numeric-fraction example of a loop with in & out manipulated according to your idea?

Or, if, like @djjoejoe wrote, the current implementation of the “In” and “Out” buttons is that they tighten the loop by 1/2, by what value should the buttons tighten the loop, for example?

Thanks for your feedback on this. Cheers!

Here’s what rekordbox does: pressing „In“ makes it so rotating your platter moves the starting point of the loop, pressing „Out“ does the same for your end point. So there’s no multiplying, it just depends on what you do with the platter. Carlo Atendido nicely explains this here: this INSANE DJ Loop Trick DESTROYS basic DJing - YouTube, starting at around 4:55.

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To complete: It is not enough to press the In or Out button, this only works when a loop is currently active. Otherwise, the buttons only set the start and end point of the loop - as is already the case in Djay Pro.

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Thank you @djjoejoe @Chris_R for the useful feedback :slight_smile:

I will be now be looking into this request with the help of our QA Team, and keep you posted as soon as I have an update. Cheers!