Looper audio switch between Headphones and Master Out

It would be great to have a simple Headphone Cue switch that routes the Looper audio to the Headphones or the Master Audio Out. This way you could pre listen to your Looper samples to make sure they sound right with your mix then flip the audio switch to Master Out to hear through the speakers.
The other more preferable option would be to route the Looper through Deck C or D. Then we would have full EQ, level, FX and headphone pre cueing. I imagine this would be a lot more work than a Headphone / Master Audio switch though so I’d be happy to start with that. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi Slak,

Thank you for this feature request.

Pre Cueing your set Looper Pattern is a great idea.

We added this to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.