Looper Pack Creation and transitioning between loop packs

Firstly I love the “idea” of the looper, it’s like having a mini Ableton, but without the possibility of creating our own packs is a little like owning a Ferrari that has no fuel - its just sitting in the driveway and nice to look at.

It’s a nice toy, but as a paid pro add-on hardly worth mentioning, or worth anything without being able to customize.

We NEED a way of creating our own packs, either via a tool, manual loading / saving

Secondly when if this feature becomes available, to make it useful we then need a means of switching between packs without any stoppage.

I could see this operating much like X-mix did on the old command stations.

For example we have two loop packs named “Pack A” and “Pack B”

Ch1 Slot 1 is playing a Drum loop from Pack A (this could be any number of channels active. )

If I select loop Pack B the music should not stop, that Ch1 Slot 1 from Pack A should continue to play.

When the loop is either stopped or a different sample on Ch1 is pressed (e.g slot 2) the sample from Pack A would then be unloaded and replaced with the New Ch1 Slot 1 sample from pack B.

This would enable true seamless playback across all loop packs essentially crossfading between loop slots.

From the moment I’ve seen the looper I’ve wanted to be able to create my own samples for it this would be absolutely amazing.

Hey there. Custom Looper samples has been a requested feature since the app was launched, and the engineers are keen to get something working, but it’s a lot more complex than with the Sampler… the looper needs much more backend to get samples in time etc.

Basically, it’s on our list!

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