Looper Pre-Cueing & Audio Routing Options

I would like to be able to pre cue the audio from the Looper in the headphones without it playing live through the main audio output. I’m using a supported 4 channel midi controller and would ideally like to have the Looper running through deck C or D so that I can control the EQ, audio level and pre cue in my headphones. Alternatively it would be nice to at least have a switch that sends the Looper audio to the headphones or to the main audio output. This way you could get the Looper samples sounding good in the headphones with a track that is already playing then switch to live audio output.

Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community!

This is a good suggestion which we have tracked in our issue tracking system, thank you for sharing.

It would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their feedback about pre cueing the looper. And of course we’ll have a better understanding for how popular this request is if other users like and/or vote on this suggestion.