Looper Pre-Cueing & Audio Routing Options

I would like to be able to pre cue the audio from the Looper in the headphones without it playing live through the main audio output. I’m using a supported 4 channel midi controller and would ideally like to have the Looper running through deck C or D so that I can control the EQ, audio level and pre cue in my headphones. Alternatively it would be nice to at least have a switch that sends the Looper audio to the headphones or to the main audio output. This way you could get the Looper samples sounding good in the headphones with a track that is already playing then switch to live audio output.

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Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community!

This is a good suggestion which we have tracked in our issue tracking system, thank you for sharing.

It would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their feedback about pre cueing the looper. And of course we’ll have a better understanding for how popular this request is if other users like and/or vote on this suggestion.

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Hey again,

for long I was using djay pro only with decks and external mixer, but since I use it with internal mode & controllers, I realised that in CUE I can not hear the effects - only of course in master cue.

But many times we would like to hear the effects, sometimes I start the mixing with the effects – and right now I can not pre-listen the songs with the effects.

Trust me, it seems like a trifle, but its not.



I agree 100% with this request. Without this ability the looper function is not useful at all during dj sets. How would anyone know if the sounds that about to play will sound good with the “live” song without having the ability to pre-listen? Thank you; I hope this feature is added


I would like to reopen Slakjaw’s suggestion of adding a precue channel or a way to route the audio of the looper to say Deck 3 or 4 for Precuing, EQs and FX please. The looper would be a great feature but not utilized much without the ability to listen beforehand what you are looping into the mix.

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I obviously second this suggestion!

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Thirded here, I’d definitely use it more if I knew what was about to happen in advance!
Same for the Sound Effect section, FX section et-al.

Hi @Terrill_Marshall1,

Thanks for posting your suggestion.

I believe our dev team would be really interested in hearing about this so I will pass your audio routing request along to them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi @Terrill_Marshall1,

I have merged this thread into an existing topic entitled Looper Pre-Cueing & Audio Routing Options.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thumb up for this feature please

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Hi, we waiting for new updates

Thanks for continuing to provide feedback about this request! I’ll push it again internally and rest assured I’ll keep you posted here with any news.

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Yes! We really need to be able to monitor loop mixes.

Please add this as a midi mapple button. Cheers