Looping an fx pack sample

Hi, is it going to be possible to loop an fx pack sample? Or maybe also to sync it to the main mix? Kinda like using it as a third table :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Hi Andi,

We generally do not talk about any future plans or updates. But rest assured that we do take all ideas into consideration.

In other words it would be cool to have like a 4 bar high hat loop on one button, bass and snare on a second and something else on a third so that you can play and stop them in time and looped in the mix! Did that make sense? :slight_smile:

So if I had all the sample buttons with pre imported samples I could mix a set without the tables.

No Not yet. Just what you read here! :frowning:

Any news on how my idea is going? If it’s going? :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear! I am aware that that isn’t just a quick script integration and that a lot of planning would have to go into it, but I can also image there would be quit a number of users who would pay for such an update! I can surely say “I would,”
Thx for the reply :slight_smile:

did your question get answered yet? I just got my set and I have the same question