Looping + Hot Cue Lag

When a loop is engaged, the hot cues become much less responsive. When I try to beatmatch with a loop on the incoming track, the cued-up track often comes in almost a full beat behind the currently playing track and has to be pitchbended forward significantly to be in phase before transitioning.

OK, just tried it again, and it looks like it only happens when the two songs are set to the same BPM. Let’s say song A is playing on the active deck. Song B is playing on Deck B, and has a 4-loop beat engaged. When I press the the cue/hot-cue button, Song B seems to skip or lag backwards by about half a beat.

This issue does not seem to appear when the two songs are not at the same BPM. That’s not very helpful when trying to beatmatch though . . .

It appears that the 1.2 update did not fix this problem. And after trying it some more, it does not appear that this lag only occurs when the two tracks are set to the same BPM.

To replicate the issue, have two tracks playing on each deck, with the crossfader over to the left. Tap the Hotcue 1 button (P) repeatedly, and then try to “throw” it in on-beat as if you were about to start a transition. You should notice that you are able to do this noticeably more accurately without a loop in place than with autoloop on.

We couldn’t reproduce this issue, yet.
Does this always happen? Or only with certain tracks? Please provide as much information as possible.

I have had this problem too (ever since the most recent update) and it is driving me nuts.