Loops Audio Capture and Full Sample Sequencer

Hi Algoriddim, I have two tips to make this application the absolute best on the market:

  • looper audio capture:
    At present the “loops” section of djay (I mean the section where the loops packages are downloaded) is too limited to 20 packages available, and it is not possible to create custom packages or acquire audio directly from the application.
    As happens in N.I. traktor and other platforms it is necessary to be able to acquire the loops “via a capture button” starting from a track on the decks in which it is possible to select the beats to acquire (1,2,4,8,16,32…) and quantized.
    These loops must be able to be saved to disk and reused , as single loop or package of loops.
    The loops must be able to be in sync and quantized as already happens in packet loops.

  • sequencer:
    In the “samples” section in djay we have a “REC” button that can record a sequence.
    This is too limited, in terms of sequence editing, in terms of number of beats, in short it’s too “minimal”.
    A 16 (samples, paged) x 16 (steps) matrix, with current beat light position, is required with simple clicks, enabling and disabling the specific sample in the grid, exactly how all sequencers work today.

Greetings and thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Massimo_Ardizzone, thanks for the suggestions! Your Looper suggestion has been made previously and already logged by the dev team for consideration. I have also forwarded them your Sample Sequencer suggestions. Thanks again!