Loops falling short or long of beat martker

Hey DJ Pro team.

Love your software, but I’m running into a huge problem with it that seems to be happening with more and more tracks. On certain tracks (usually those that don’t start off with a strong beat), a loop will be set on a warp marker for let’s say 8 bars, but then the loop will fall at about the 7.75 bar mark and not go all the way. Or conversely, if you set a 16 beat loop it may go 16.2 and be right over but not dead on from where you set the autoloop. If you look at the waveform I think the reason for this is that it is incorrectly marking the song up until the first big note, but because the rest of the track is on beat there is no way to edit it.

I hope in the near future that Djay Pro 2 gets either a more accurate analysis of the beginning of tracks that don’t start off with a basic intro or at least better beatgrid editing like a Serato or Rekordbox. I love this program and would hate to switch because I can’t rely on my loops being accurate.

I’ve had this happen as well but only with dynamic tempos (live music/unsteady bpm) can u confirm this?
And yes, proper beat mapping also for different metrics or half bar breaks etc is crucial!!

It happens on almost any song I have that doesn’t have a super strong beat to start off with. Clearest example is the k?d remix of Young by the Chainsmokers. If you try and loop on any grid before the song explodes at the 28 second mark (https://youtu.be/cZ7wJMa5dQA) the loop will fall short of it. It’s because where Djay Pro 2 is setting the warp marker is not exactly 8 or 16 bars away. Would love to hear some feedback on why this is