Lost Djay pro with the new ipad

I just love this program.
But my ipad got stolen and i bought a new one.
So when i loged it on to my apple id and icloud, i couldnt see
Djay and
Djay pro anywhere .
Do you have a solution for me.
Dont want to buy it one more time.

Regards Michael


You have to go to the Play Store and redownload it. You don’t have to pay for it though because you already paid for it the first time that you got it and it’s on record. It will be free.

If you bought it from the Apple store, you don’t have to pay again. It may look like it at first bit you dont. Perhaps you should call Apple support if you’re not sure. They have it on record

when i go there i only have one option and thats to pay.
not re download