Lost iTunes Music Library .XML File?

Ive been having trouble with generating an Itunes xml file.
My original xml file was on my external hard drive before it broke recently along with my original music files, however I have all my music as duplicates within Itunes, this should be ok to backup.
Ive tried exporting my music library, this doesn’t work.
However, I did manage to create a playlist with all my music in and generate a xml, however Djay only sees only about 2gb and not my full library?
I’ve heard this is one of i Tune’s bugs?

Many Thanks

Hi Jake,

I recommend a “fresh start” = create a new iTunes library.

  • quit iTunes
  • press and hold the “alt” key on your keyboard and click on the iTunes icon
  • select “Create new library”
  • rename it to i.e. “iTunesNew”
  • drag and drop all your songs onto iTunes
  • iTunes will then copy and organize all your files under “/Music/iTunesNew/.”
  • when iTunes is done copying, check if all your songs have been successfully added to the new library
  • if yes, then you can just delete the old library along with the duplicate files

Hi Jake,

Can you please send me an email to support@algoriddim.com?
We can set up an appointment for a “screen-share chat”, so I can assist you directy.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note though that this is not an issue with djay per se.

djay merely relies on the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file to load your library. If this file doesn’t exist or is corrupted, then djay won’t be able to load your library.

Is there more than one xml file in the iTunes folder? If yes, please delete (or move to another location, e.g. Desktop) all except the newest one (iTunes Library.xml). Then try launching djay again.

Hi Warren,

I have since done what you said, however -

  1. all my tracks and covers are ok, but now i have 2 copys of my itunes library of 110gb, am i ok to delete my old itunes library and can i rename the new folder to just itunes?

  2. my old but current playlists are missing including 25 most played and recently added - i have copys of all my playlist info as XML files saved from my old itunes library, but when i try to open the XML’s within the new itunes library, nothing happens

  3. i now have a new itunes folder duplicated with a new XML file :slight_smile:

  4. however, when i open djay it doesnt ask for it, instead it asked for me to download all my tracks within itunes again - it says -

djay found songs stored remotely in iCloud. To show and play these songs with djay, please first download them with iTunes by clicking the song’s cloud icon, then choose Refresh in djay’s Library menu.

The software is being abit of pain to get started up, plus im still waiting on a new external hard drive to back up o so I feel im taking a big risk messing around with my lifes worth of music :L

Many Thanks and hope to hear from you


Creating a new iTunes library will take too long, I have 150gb of music!?
I agree a really frustrating issue that has prevented me using my Vestax spin 2 controller with djay on my mac… :frowning:
Please fix this?

I have the same issue, does not upload. tried all the above and no joy. Really frustrated.

on my iTunes installation, it’s no longer called “iTunes Music Library.xml”, it’s called “iTunes Library.xml”

How can I get djay to use the new file?

That seems to have done the trick! Thanks!!