Loud whine/buzz through cueing device -- internal or external -- on Macbook Pro

Help! I’m trying to run DJay on a Macbook Pro for an event tonight. I picked up an Asus Xonar U3 for pre-cueuing. If I pre-cue through the Xonar, I get a loud whine/buzz through the Xonar and good sound through the internal output of the Macbook. If I precue on the internal output, I get a loud whine/buzz on the internal output, and perfect sound on the Xonar.

So I know the Xonar is working. I know the internal output is working. But apparently the pre-cueing to a secondary device is messed up. Any tips or ideas? Or does this sound at all like a known problem?

Nope. Still a seriously loud whine out of whichever device I use for pre-cueing.

Please try the following:

  1. set up your devices as desired in djay
  2. open the “Audio MIDI Setup” app under Applications/Utilities
  3. select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” mode
  4. select “Aggregate Audio Device” on the left
  5. enable “Drift” for the device that you selected for Pre-cueing

Can you change the sample rate for your Xonar? You can also check this in the Audio MIDI setup app.

first of all I wish to point out that I’m not an official support but “just” a user that is trying to help a collegue…
Install Midi Monitor and check if there is any strange midi activity
You can download it free from http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor

Other option, if you have a passive DI box try to connect between the noisee output and the main mixer/amplifier.