Love djay2 hate itunes

Hi. I love the app, but I despise iTunes. Why can’t I simply view MP3 or wav files that exist on my iPad without needing a 3rd party app? In fact, why is it so darn difficult to simply look at what is on your iPad like you can with explorer or finder and organise stuff however you personally want things to be? I play lots of music that does not exist in the iTunes universe and have absolutely no interest in being part of the gross commercial entity that is Apple, but as an audio professional I simply have to as part of my work. Therefore, what I really want is to be able to open a finder or explorer type window within day and browse the files that are on my iPad. Then I can organise them by feel or style as I see fit. Is there a way to do this, or can it be created?

Hi there,

the way audio files are stored at your iPad is limiting the possibilities, this is more of an iPad hardware issue. Nevertheless, have you tried using the “Open in…” library option to access audio files at external iOS supported storage systems and clouds?…

Lukas E.