Love this! But please: consolidate playlist option / auto select key in harmony / bpm scan optional


Love this!

But please:

consolidate playlist
Give us the so much loved TRAKTOR consolidate playlist option as right click on the playlist, in order to sort by key AND bpm for example

turn off bpm scan option
compared to traktor/foobar/winamp I get weired bpms in Djay, so please let us turn off the bpm scanner and let us use the tags as an option (also rescan w restricted bpm not working)

automix random select key in harmony
Please give us option to turn on "auto select harmonious/matching key on the Camelot Wheel (±1,AB,±3,±2,±7?), when playing random automix, because why not?



Hi @alecc, Thanks for the suggestions! Good ideas. I have forwarded these to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

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