low frame rate after up-date to 2.2.6 by full screen output

After the up-date to 2.2.6 the frame rate of the full screen option is very low?
I love the software but for now i can play any video content on a big screen?

Please fix this…

Hi @Stereo68,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for reporting this issue.

So that we can better help you, could you please share the following information:

  1. What is your current setup (e.g., device, OS version, screen model, connection description)?
  2. From where are you sourcing your videos (e.g., TIDAL, Files, etc.)? If TIDAL, could you please share what subscription type you have and what video quality setting you are using for videos in djay Pro?
  3. Could you please describe in more detail what currently happens when you play a video (e.g., don’t play at all, black screen, delayed play, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Emily,

my setup macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 2,66GHz intel Core 2 Duo 16GB 1067MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB

  1. & 3.

Playing direct from intern SSD 480GB, the playback on extern display and or full screen on the laptop was alway very good before the last up-date, in the version 2.2.6. the output on the small screens in the software is fine, but the full screen output have low frame rates.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue @Stereo68. While I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on our devices here, I’ve passed it along to our development team for further investigation and I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Is there some progress?

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