Low volume on usb c headphones (iPad pro)

On the latest update 4.0.10

When using usb type c adapter to use headphones on 2018 iPad Pro, djay pro disables up or down volume buttons and volume is super low !!!

I tried using airPods and all works great !!!

I’m having this same exact issue

Let us keep using or aux headphones ( by choice )

Let’s fix this problem or bug, I hope this isn’t some scheme to phase out aux headphones in regards to having us solely use the bluetooth ones indefinitely

Come on djpro, let’s get this problem resolved

If they fix this problem, please lmk - as of rn its still an issue and I have to resort to using bluetooth-hp which I don’t like hence ( having to charge every few hrs and the sound-quality just ain’t up to par to what I’m getting out of my aux headphones when volume meters are working )

I’m using an iPad

I’m using a lightning output on my iPhone and volume is stuffed in this latest version.

No independent volume control and the volume is at around 1/4 of what it should be.

Is anyone checking these updates before they go out? It’s basically useless until this issue is fixed.

Hi everyone,

We are aware of this issue and our dev team is working on a fix for it as we speak.

We’ll update this thread when this bug has been resolved.

Thank you all for your patience!

I am also having this problem. Emailed support before seeing this post.

I hope this is fixed asap. I rely heavily on this app, that I love btw, for work and desperately need it fixed. I look forward to a reply saying it’s fixed.

Thank you dev team for working on it.

Heavily rely on this app daily and this issue has made the app unusable for me.
Need a fix ASAP.

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Hi everyone, thank you again for all your feedback. We just released v4.0.11 on App Store fixing this issue.

You can get the update in the App Store app by tapping on your user icon and pulling down to refresh and list the latest app updates. There is no need to first remove the previous version.

Omg!! Thank you Dev team!

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