Low volume with iTunes m4a files on Windows 11

Good morning, I’ve been trying DJayPro (free) for a month also together with a Reloop Mixtour via Windows 11 app and I’m encountering a problem regarding the volume of the M4A tracks compared to iTunes itself (where I buy and import the music from) the difference is substantial !
The same thing happened to me a few months ago with DJUCED, in that case the developers made a .dll file available to copy into the plugin folder of the program and magically everything started playing well again, they say the problem is new Windows 11 m4a codec.
Is anyone aware of this and have any suggestions?


You’ve answered your own question. The problem was introduced with Windows 11 22H2 update. Microsoft are aware and will be releasing a patch.

All the above info is easily attainable with a quick Google.

Thanks for the reply, I was hoping for a fix similar to that of DJUCED also for DjayPro.

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