LP Mode for Djay?

Thanks to this forum, I just now learned that Djay can play entire albums using the Automix Queue. Awesome!

But I’m wondering: Would it be possible to add an “LP mode” that would allow for some additional features, and make the process of playing albums a little simpler?

For example, is it possible to randomly shuffle tracks within an album? The answer seems to be “no”. Within Automix, the Shuffle option applies to the Playlist but not to the Automix Queue, which is how albums are selected. Also, is it possible to play albums in a random sequence? Again, the answer seems to be “no”.

Here are some ideas on how an “LP mode” might be implemented:

  • For selecting single albums, an option could be added to the basic Track selection process, in the Album tab. Currently, after choosing an album, a list of the songs within the album appears. Swiping downwards reveals the BPM Sort function immediately above this list. Within this same area, a “Choose: LP” option could be offered. The entire album would be loaded onto a single deck.

  • For playing multiple albums, an option could be added within the Automix Queue, in the Album tab. Upon choosing an album, a thumbnail of its cover appears with information (artist, title, release date, etc.) and a track listing below. A “+” icon could be added next to the album icon. The entire album (not the songs) would be added into the Automix Queue, to be loaded onto a single deck.

  • For playing albums in a randomized order, a new smart Playlist could be added, entitled “Albums”. Again, entire albums (not individual songs) would be loaded onto the decks, and played in a randomized sequence.

  • To shuffle tracks within an album, the existing Shuffle feature could be extended to apply to selected Albums or to items in the Automix Queue. Or perhaps within the Automix Queue track listing, a separate shuffle option could be added at the top.

This is a rough collection of ideas, but hopefully it spurs some discussion and consideration of this type of feature.

Finally: Would it be possible to add a “Clear Decks” button within the Automix menu? Items discharged from the Queue still remain on the turntables if they haven’t been played, making it awkward to begin a new Automix.

Incidentally, I think Djay has a better interface and better sound than any other iOS music player app. Thanks for this outstanding app!