Lyrics for Video

I have seen some youtube videos of a speaker system that prints the lyrics whilst a song is playing.

If this could be incorporated so that when a track is played, the lyrics are output to the video portion, you then have instant karaoke, just with the lyrics playing

So here’s the clever bit, could the software listen to the song, create the lyrics, but suppress the vocals via neural mix.

Karaoke DJ’s would not need to buy special version of tracks.

As an experienced user that knows nothing,
I will predict this feature before I pass🙏

April 1st was yesterday :smiley:


I will say that Apple Music Streaming has Lyrics.
But if I buy the song, Lyrics are gone. :unamused:

Think bigger.

This would mean any song could have a karaoke version without the need of extra cost. It could mean many karaoke DJ’s move across to the software.

It could also introduce regular non DJ’s to the software. Lots of people enjoy karaoke so this could be done at home.

The problem with karaoke is the extra cost and the limitation of tracks.

As I doubted the existence of a speaker with a built in printer, I Googled your phrase. Are you referring to the Cotodama speakers that cost £2000 each?

The lyrics are shown on a screen, not printed. The unit connects to a database to find the correct lyrics, but it’s limited (2 million tracks, compared to 100 million on typical streaming services).

The software (DJay) couldn’t “create the lyrics” by “listening” to the song, as the lyrics need to appear on screen ahead of time. It would require a huge database of lyrics.

VirtualDJ finds lyrics by searching online which can then be associated with the track, and yes the vocals could be muted via stem separation, but it’s a manual process.

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Thanks for the suggestion @David_Bielby. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.

This is what i saw.

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