As spotify can show lyrics can it be added to Djay Pro

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Hi Richard King,

thank you for your idea.

I forwarded your request internally and it would be great if other users could upvote the topic in order to push it.

Lukas E.

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This is an interesting topic. It would be great if further users can share their feedback about a lyrics integration.

I pushed the topic internally and each reply here does so as well :slight_smile:

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How about making something with Musixmatch, to display the lyrics live as visual effect in the video mode?
Musixmatch Deveolper Website

Maybe this API would be a solution to fetch the lyrics data:

Yes, please! I have a client with hard-of-hearing guests and would love to include them in their celebration. This would be AMAZING.

Im a Deaf Dj and I would love to display the lyrics using djay Pro video

@Lukas, can you tell us if such a feature (showing up lyrics) is coming anytime soon? Thanks in advance.

Wonderful. Thank you very much. I think this feature is something that people will love once they see what they can do with it (e.g. showing lyrics of songs played on a party on a big screen - when using djay pro with spotify integration). And this would also be something that other DJ software lack so its one more feature which makes djay pro even better at low costs of implementation since the technology is already available (e.g.