M-Audio Xponent

Hopefully this is a simple question with a simple answer :slight_smile:

I have an M-Audio Xponent and used the default midi configuration. I am having a hard time sending one track to the external speakers (through the mixer) and being able to preview (que) the other track in the headphones to prep the mix. Am I missing something simple?


Thank you for getting back with me. I am using the default settings that DJ Pro put in. Again its not splitting what should go to the speakers vs headphones. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


If you could tell me which controls are governing the output to the mixer (que AND MASTER) I can try to toggle those.

Hi Matt,

thank you for your post.
Have you mapped the controller by yourself? If that is the case could you send us screenshots of your pre cueing buttons mappings?
Also it would be great if you could send us a screenshot of your djay pro “device” preferences.

Thank you in advance.
Lukas E.

Hi Matt,

in order to pre cue, please make sure the right green “Cue” button above your jogwheels is activated to choose which deck you want to pre cue. Now you can decide if you either want to listen to the active and the pre cue deck or the pre cue deck. You can do this with the “CUE” knob right above the two sync buttons.

I hope this helps to explain things.
If this was not helping please contact us right away.

Hi there,

have you checked if your Pre Cueing settings are right?
Also please check if your Pre Cueing knobs at the controller are set to “Cue”.

Lukas E.

I am having the same problem. Cue does not seem to work.

The sound coming from my headphones which are plugged into Xponent controller is the same audio coming from my speaker.

Any suggestions?

Hi, Im also having this issue with the Xponent on Djay Pro. I am just using the standard mapping but the pre-cue sound only works if I plug the headphones into the mac laptop. The headphones will not work when plugged into the xponent.
Can I map this myself? Or have I got the wrong audio outputs? Please advise.



The default settings from Djay Pro (version 1.4.3) is not correct for the Xponent. It should be the other way around.

So the correct settings for getting the headphones output to work is:
Main Output: Xponent ch 3-4
Pre-Cueing: Xponent ch 1-2


I connected my xponent to my ipad via the usb adapter.
Xponent works well under djay pro ios, but i have a routing problem for pre-listen
In the audio parameters of Djay, it only proposes xponent and xponent
Without separating channels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4
If I select master: xponent: the sound goes horrible with a permanent echo,
Pre listen: xponent: the helmet is perfect
The best routing I’ve found is to get out: the master by headset, and plug the headphones into the audio output of the ipad
It works but I can not adjust the volume of the headphones.
Any ideas?