Mac and iOS - Couldn’t load track osstatus error 2003334207

Hi how did you get it to work. It’s not working on my iPad Air. Can you share the steps what you did.
Thank you

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It will hopefully be available for Monday in App Store for phones etc but is already available for Mac users to download now :wink:


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I’m using djay pro for iPad Air 2021 and songs that I’ve previously been able to select and stream from soundcloud are no longer loading and I’m getting the OSStatus error 2003334207. The tracks still exist and are still present in soundcloud and in my liked tab but a lot of tracks that used to be able to select are no longer being able to be selected. Any advice?

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Same thing happening to me, actually supposed to play a party and this just screwed me. Guess it’s time to drop the app

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There was a problem this week with this, that the team have fixed :sweat_smile: you will need to download the new update. The iOS version will be available in a few days but the Mac version is available to download now :ok_hand: there’s another forum here regarding this same topic


There’s a new update that will fix this issue :wink:

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Not in the apple App Store tho

Hi All,

As has been said above, this SoundCloud issue has been fixed on djay Pro AI for Mac and djay Pro AI for iOS, and the updates are available on the App Store. Please update your app(s) when you get a chance, and you should no longer encounter this issue.

If you’re having this problem on djay for Android or djay Pro for Windows, please head to this thread for news and updates:

Thanks for your patience and understanding! :pray:

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Will this be fixed on dJay Pro 2 for Mac?

Hi! It’s just wanted to say a massive thanks to all the staff who worked on the problem AND fixed it so quickly. Attention like this makes me want to continue using this great Dj app and tool. Well done guys and thanks so much. When I discovered the problem I was initially absolutely gutted but now it’s all fixed I’m a happy Statik xxx


Hey @lagoon,

If you haven’t done so already, please reach out to our Support Team for individual support with your case by submitting a request ticket here. Please reference this Community Topic thread in your request. Thanks in advance!

This is still not fixed. Having the issue with iPhone 13 no matter what I use, files, Apple Music, etc…


Please note that is another issue. This thread was about the OSStatusError on SoundCloud. Please note this error (OSStatus error 2003334207) is caused on Mac and iOS when djay can’t locate the files you’re trying to use. djay knows the location of the files, but if this error shows up it means that your files are not located there anymore. Something must’ve changed in your library pathing since the last time you used that file. Please try relocating the file through Finder/Files or re-add the new file paths to djay.