Mac Djay crash while Mic enable with VCI-380

I have a crash in Djay for Mac application while trying to enable microphone in the right down corner panel.
I’m using Vestax VCI-380. Did anybody faced such an issue?

What is your Devices setup? Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and take a screenshot of the “Devices” window.

I see, great to hear that.

This should be fixed in djay Pro 1.0.2.

Please download the latest update in the App Store.

BTW… The issue is not appearing with the “Built in” configuration

… so, if there is Vestax in any device field set, then I’m getting the crash…
BTW… Seems that the Vestax Mic inputs are not visible in Djay, because all 8 inputs are deck inputs.

It was working once I started it without the spin controller plugged in. Now it seems to be fine. Thanks.