MAC Djay Pro 2 saved auto loop functionality?

I ́m still trying to figure out if the newest version is able to store an auto loop.

Would like to use it as “security” loop before the song ends but I couldn ́t find it neither in their manual (which is very basic) nor any YT video which explains the new store function


djay Pro 2 supports Saved Loops which can be also auto looped.

Auto Loop the preferred Section and go to the Saved Loops section in the tools in order to store it.


Lukas E.


Thank you for your feedback.

You would like to have an option to mark a loop as active, so that when you load the according track should “run” into the active loop?


Lukas E.

You can activate a loop without playing it automatically by activating following icon:

Thanks Lukas. I think I found the functionality you meant. But I realized this auto loop is not activated when the track is loaded. Is my observation correct or am I doing it wrong?

So I was able to get it working when saving the loop, loading the track, clicking the loop and jump back to the start cue.

Hi Lukas,

any feedback from your side?

Yes exactly. Maybe thats a weird request. Plan would be to have an auto loop for e.g. the last 10 sec. so you will never run into the end of a track. Instead it would run into the loop and you can start working on your transition.

Thanks Lukas. Thats a workaround I can work with.
If I would have a wish I ́d also like this clickable on Cue ́s